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A long time ago, in the stone age, two men came up with the idea of making an amusement park. They had a passion for thrills and water. They were occupied by one main thing, rolling boulders down big hill into a pond or other water source. If they had no boulder, they would hollow out big tree stumps and sit in them. They enjoyed the fact that a “godly” force called centripetal force was keeping them inside of the tree stump. The people started off with a small and simple ride which was similar to modern day toddler rides even though it was made out of sticks, twigs, and rope from animal hide. They slowly began to build a very more diverse set of rides and eventually came up with the idea of a fast roller coaster and a water ride. They named…show more content…
The ride begins at a line which is surrounded by a water feature. Once it is your turn to get into the ride, the gates will open and let two people into each cart. The Soaking Boulder will have a total ride time of 43 seconds. The train has a total of 8 carts. Being made out of “boulders, the carts vary in size to have the effect that they are being carried around in actual boulders. Once the ride begins to move due to a force of a massive chain, you immediately go up a 180 degree hill for about 200 feet at a rate of about 10 feet/second. Towards the top, the angle decreases, so you do not have gravity pulling at you at 200 feet. At the very top of the hill, just before the sudden drop, potential energy is in effect. When it appears that you will make a sudden drop, the ride becomes horizontal. Then, without knowing, the ride plummets 238 feet straight down, accelerating at about 97 miles per hour. The riders are now experiencing kinetic energy. You have approximately 1.5 seconds to recover before a corkscrew turn and a flip. During the flip, the riders will experience centripetal force and centripetal acceleration. Also, you will experience two times the normal g-force due to the angle of the loop. After the loop, momentum will carry you to the peak of another
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