Soap Football Feasibility Study Essay

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Feasibility Study for Soap Football Business Venture
By: Kunal Sharma
November 2012
88/100 – well done and a viable concept.

~Steve Dhillon

Table of Contents Page # 1. Cover Page 1 2. Table of contents 2 3. The concept 3 4. Preliminary marketing planning
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Plans for future action 18 14. Appendix 19

The concept
The concept outlined in the feasibility study is a product as well as a service. Soap Football, is a new sporting revolution that has taken countries in the Middle East by storm. The game is simple, it’s essentially the game of soccer but it is played on a modified field with soap and water. The field is made of multi coloured polyester and is placed on top of a padded surface or a sandy beach, the field is also defined by an inflatable edge on each side and by 2 inflatable doors with netting. A waterproof soccer ball, 16 players and a referee are the only things you need to get the first game started. This game/venture is virtually unknown or unheard of in Canada, making it an ideal investment for the Canadian market. The concept is so simple that all you need to do is find a location on any beach turn on the air pump and the field is ready to start making money within minutes. The rental of this field is on an hourly basis and people of all ages’ genders and sizes can participate, there is a flat hourly rate that can

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