Soapstone Analysis Beautiful Boy Essay

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The identified speaker is the Author David Sheff as he give accounts of his family ultimately leading to the struggle of his son’s addiction. I can make the immediate assumption that Sheff and his family are at of a middle class family from the various accounts of trips they go on and the somewhat financially-easy transition of a divorce in the family. Sheff seems to have a good handling of his adolescent boy and it makes me assume that he comes from a background of experiences in his teenage years. Occasion What prompted the author to write this piece was originally a need to assess and to have a hold of the present anxieties that were taking over during the times the author writes about. The event that led to the development and…show more content…
I know this because the speaker talks very direct to the audience and gives symbolisms and everyday occurrences so the audience can empathize with him. The speaker tries to spark a reaction in the audience by trying to dig down into the bewildering reasons of unconditional love which everyone feels. The document is supposed to make you feel grateful and content with the good that you can find within yourself and everyone else that can grow continuously. Subject The subject of the piece is that there is an ultimate good and desire for someone to be happy, but it takes so little to ruin it and so much to maintain. More specifically, addiction overcomes your life along with everyone that loves you. It is the true display of a piercing shame that seems like it will never go away and a unfounded meaning to one’s life. I know this because within every human being there is a concrete meaning that needs to be found and Sheff focuses on the beginnings of development for a person’s life, childhood through adolescence. The subject has been presented as a vital thing every person must know and it spoken with such emotion it complements the credibility of Sheff’s personal accounts. Tone The author’s tone is soft and direct to have the audience read with a concerning ease. The author wants to be perceived just like everyone else, but most importantly like every other parent. The author’s mood is very emotional and it is a mood that fluctuates with

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