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SOARING EAGLES BUSINESS PLAN BUSINESS DESCRIPTION With my relevant experience and skills together with my capability in entrepreneurship and management, I am anticipating coming up with Soaring Eagles as the name of the firm that will exclusively be involved in the production and retailing of washing accessories like toilet liners, bar soaps, brushes, soap dishes, and detergents. The primary motivating factor to starting of this business is the increasing demand for such products especially in American society and the developing economies because of tremendous increment in some households. The major force behind this is the population growth in the United Statesand the individuals ' needs to improve their standards of living. BUSINESS…show more content…
BUSINESS VISION "To provide and offer value to the customers by guaranteeing high-tech products that are user-friendly and offer maximum satisfaction that no other brand can ensure." The proposed business will concentrate on delivering best quality products to the customers to the extent of achieving delighting to its clients. This will be realized through extensive networks of consumer markets, competent and experienced marketing agents and the resourceful entrepreneur skills from the business owner. MISSION "To ensure maintenance of growth within the washing accessories industry over the years." BUSINESS LOCALITY, CONTACT, AND ADDRESSES Located in Orlando- Florida one miler from Panama Superhighway, I would be in a large city and avoid state income taxes . The business address is: Soaring Eagles, P.O. BOX 86144, Orlando, Florida Phone +1703896512 Hours: Open 8:00 am -5:00 pm. TYPE OF BUSINESS FORM I intend to start a sole proprietorship form of business. This will enable me to achieve all the benefits of the firm including having full control over the business operations and allowing God to be present in those operations. Additionally, I will greatly enjoy becoming my boss, taking time off as needed to spend time with my family. BUSINESS PRODUCT The firm will majorly be involved in production and distribution of washing accessories like bar soaps, washing
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