Sobell Fedora and Red Hat Linux Chapter 1 Answers Essay

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Linux Networking NT1430 Unit Exercises Chapter 1. 1. Free software is free, users can change code, and source code is available to anyone. 2. GNU/Linux is portable, is based on standards, is written in C, has a kernel programming interface, can support many users, and can run multiple tasks. For more information, refer to “What Is So Good about GNU/Linux?” The source code for the operating system is readily available so that students can understand more easily how GNU/Linux works and can modify the code further to understand its operation and change the way it works. For more information, refer to “The Code Is Free” 3. Multiuser operating systems allows the multiple users to access the resources of a single…show more content…
You can download many utilities from the Internet. Examples of utilities are cp (copies a file), ls (lists information about files), ssh (securely connects to a remote computer), and df (lists information about free space on system devices such as hard disks). 7. Shell is a piece of software that provides an interface for users of an operating system. Shell provides access to the services of a kernel. Shell makes the user’s job faster and easier in many ways. 8. Write a shell script, also called a shell program, or a batch file under DOS. A shell script is one or more command lines contained in a file. Make the file executable and give the name of the file as a command: The shell executes the commands in the file, as though you had typed each command individually. 9. Because it uses a hierarchical structure in shape of a pyramid or (up-rooted) tree to make director and subdirectories. 10. Multiprocessor (having more than one processor) refers to a system with two or more processors or CPUs. Multiprocessing (supporting multiple processes) refers to a system that can process one or more tasks at a time. 11. Using 2 or more CPUs and multi-tasking, gaming, using resource intense programs. 12. Many thousands of people contributed to the GNU/Linux Operating System using the Internet. This project is unique because such a project, using free software, had never been attempted before. 13. The GPL says you have the right to copy, modify, and redistribute the

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