Sobibor: Nazi Death Camps

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Mikkonen 1
James Mikkonen
Ms.Jeanne Bitz
Language Arts
March 27, 2017

Sobibor was one of the three biggest Nazi death camps that killed millions of people. If the Nazi’s even suspected you were Jewish then they would send you away to work or to be executed. Sobibor had held many Jews in it. You will be shown the chronology, the daily life, and when it was built and destroyed.
The small village of Sobibor is 3 miles from Bug River and 5 miles Wlodawa. Germans
Constructed Sobibor in spring of 1942 as the second killing center within operation
Reinhard. It was wooded , swampy, and thinly populated. The camp covered
1,312 by 1,969 feet. It also included a 50 foot minefield around
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