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Capella University | Social Theory Essay – SOC1000 | SOC1000 – Introduction to Human Society– Professor Worley | | Zachary Skidmore | 7/11/2012 |


Living in the American society of today there are not many times we all come together to sit down and listen. We are busy, we have careers, we have kids, and our free time is expensive. However, there are times that we as nation collectively take the time to stop and listen, when the President speaks. Recently President Obama sat down with a white house reporter to discuss his newly evolved views toward gay marriage. His interview was candid, it was spontaneous, and it set off all kinds of alarms across the societal landscape of America. An article that was recently
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One of the manifest functions of his statements will be the immediate gain in votes and support he would receive from the gay marriage community. His actions might also create other manifest functions such as other politicians now becoming more willing to openly support gay marriage. A latent function will probably be one that is seen down the road, it will likely come from a generation that is currently too young to have any voting powers but will one day form their own world perspective and hopefully take a cue from President number 44. Whichever sociological approach is taken to study this it can be said that there will no doubt be an effect from his statements. Either way, the world we live in today will certainly not be the same as the world we live in tomorrow. That is to say, until the next time we as a nation hold our breath to listen to the President of the United States take a stance on such a polarizing issue.

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