Essay on Soc 101 Scientific Method Week 2

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University of Phoenix Material Scientific Method Matrix Research is a primary component of sociology. Valid and relevant sociological research is dependent upon a commitment to applying the scientific method in a systematic and organized way in order to ensure maximum objectivity and consistency in research. Complete the following matrix based on a social problem of your choice. The matrix will serve as a guide for creating a preliminary plan for the basic steps of the scientific method. ------------------------------------------------- Scientific Method Matrix * Social problem * * Identify a social problem of your choice. | * Drugs in America | * Problem definitionA problem statement is often…show more content…
Include an APA citation of the article. * | * * New government data demonstrate the continued, urgent need for more Americans to have access to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, according to an analysis by the Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap (CATG) initiative. If implemented properly, federal health care reform legislation could help remove financial barriers to treatment for millions of Americans. * * Source: * | Speculative hypothesisFormulate a speculative hypothesis statement about the relationship between the operationally defined variables. Suggest how one variable is expected to influence the other. The hypothesis must clearly identify which variable you believe will predict or cause a change in the other—this is the independent variable—and which variable’s actions or change will be dependent on change in the other—this is the dependent variable. * | Social stress, pop culture, and unemployment rate are variables to drug use. These variables can be linked together or stand alone in an individual’s drug use. | Independent variableIdentify the independent variable (IV), which is the variable that you hypothesize will cause or influence the other variable. * | Availability

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