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Reflective Paper
Ethical Treatment of Prisoners
Johni K. Anglin
SOC 120
Cornell Horn
January 28, 2013

Ethical Treatment of Prisoners
Societies Forgotten One may ask."What represents ethical treatment of prisoners?" What's more, does it make a difference as to what the prisoners crime is as to what kind of treatment would be considered ethical? For example, should a terrorist be treated differently than a thief? Additionally, who is to decide what kind of treatment of prisoners, regardless of crime, is ethical and what is not? What standard determines ethical versus unethical? Who really concerns themselves which such questions? Is ethical treatment of prisoners related to profitability in our country?"It is argued that Plato
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Since they do return to the communities from whence they came, it is good for everyone if we attempt to better prepare them for life on the 'outside'.
To the end result of rehabilitation and proper prison management the American Bar Association, has established the following guidelines: (a) Provide prisoners with: (i) Humane and healthful living conditions; (ii) Safety from harm, including protection from punitive or excessive force and protection from abuse by other prisoners and staff; (iii) Necessary health care; (iv) Freedom from staff harassment and invidious discrimination; (v) Freedom of religion and substantial freedom of expression; (vi) Conditions conducive to maintaining healthy relationships with their families; (vii) Opportunities to participate in constructive activity and rehabilitative programs; and

(b) Implement effective policies and procedures for: (i) Investigation and resolution of complaints and problems; (ii) Fair and rational decision-making; and (iii) Internal and external oversight of correctional operations.( americanbar 2012) In spite of scholarly ideas to the contrary, modern day prisons are largely utilitarian in function. As Americans, we are most accustomed to concerning ourselves with the end result rather than the means. We are results oriented. If the public can be convinced that our current prison system is operating effectively,
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