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Do you think people’s perceptions of others play a role in the success of students with disabilities? Why or why not? Choose one law covered in Chapter 1. These include IDEA, NCLB, Section 504 and ADA. How does your chosen law protect students with disabilities from negative perceptions and beliefs?
Week 1 discussion 1 and 2
I believe that people’s perception does play a role in the success of students with disabilities. It is human nature to stare, fear or ridicule people who appear or act different from what we consider to be normal. For students with physical handicaps or limitations, their self-image is very important to them. They get upset and sometimes depress because they can’t do certain things as other children can because
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The IEP is intended to help children reach educational goals more easily than they otherwise would. IEP is meant to ensure that students receive an appropriate placement, not "only" special education classrooms or special schools. It is meant to give the student a chance to participate in "normal" school culture and academics as much as is possible for that individual student. In this way, the student is able to have specialized assistance only when such assistance is absolutely necessary, and otherwise maintains the freedom to interact with and participate in the activities of his or her more general school peers. This program is very helpful for students because parents can work together with teachers to develop a plan, to help the student do better in school and to success in school. The IEP describes the goals the team sets for a child during the school year, as well as any special support needed to help achieve them.
As a parent, you can decide whether to have your child assessed. If you choose to do so, you'll be asked to sign a permission form that will detail who is involved in the process and the types of tests they use. These tests might include measures of specific school skills, such as reading or math, as well as more general developmental
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