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Marriage • We learn by “on-the-job training,” in which being married, allows you to learn about being married • Honeymoon o Egypt ▪ The honeymoon is defined as a brief period of time in which things were beautiful, but it lasted no longer than a month o Meanings: ▪ A trip that many couples take after the wedding ← Rapoport [husband & wife] described three different types of honeymoons: • Lovers’ Nest – during the honeymoon, the couple was completely absorbed into themselves, as a couple • Perpetuum Mobile – during the honeymoon, the couple travelled a lot …show more content…
degree of happiness, there is a U-shaped phenomena • At the early stages of marriage, before children, and at the later stages of marriage, after children, couples are most happy • However, other factors can contribute to the dip in happiness, such as less family time, jobs, etc. They failed to realize that correlation does not lead to causation ▪ Unit of Political Economy ← Politics ( power; economy ( money & resources ← Looking at the family in terms of who has the power to make decisions about the resources that the family has and/or needs ← Blood & Wolfe [University of Michigan] • Husbands & Wives, about who makes what decisions about family life; written after finishing their survey in the Detroit area about family life • Findings: o Husband’s power is correlated to job, high occupational status & income o Wife’s power is correlated to job status [full time power > part-time power > unemployed power] • “Resource Theory of Family Power” o Power is related to the resources [primarily occupation & wealth] one can provide for the

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