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SOC 3116 B Technologies, World and Societies (Fall 2015) Professor: Stephan Larose Midterm Who Killed the Electric Car? Marissa Pandel Student Number: 7487677 1. A) What is a relevant social Group? A relevant social group is a group of people who play a role in the development of an artifact. It is a group that share common meaning to the specific artifact. (September 25th Lecture) B) What are the relevant social groups involved in the story told by the documentary? 1. Car Manufactures 2. Oil Companies 3. Government 4. Consumer/ EV1 Owners 5. California Air Resource Board (CARB) 6. Non-users 2. A) What is interpretive flexibility? The meaning of interpretive flexibility is various groups of peopled involved…show more content…
Initially the EV1 had many positive benefits to the state. * Non-users are the group of people that did not use the EV1 artifact. The EV1 was a vehicle that they chose not to drive for personal reasons. 3. A) What is a technological frame? The meaning of technological frame is the members of relevant social group’s negotiate the meaning of the artifact. Things like; problems, solutions, requirement, and problem solving strategies. (October 2nd Lecture) It structures the interactions among the members of the relevant social groups into a process. (October 2nd Lecture) B) Identify the main (identifiable) elements of each relevant social group technological frame? The main identifiable elements of each relevant social group’s technological frame were very evident in the documentary (Who Killed The Electric Car?) all information stated came from the video.. This will explain each by relevant social group, starting with the car manufactures. In 1996 electric cars began to appear on roads in California. The manufactures could see the need for the electric car. The air quality in California was becoming a very large issue and the car companies started to invent and test electric cars. GM started with the sun racer. In 1987 it won the solar power race. Alan Cocconi built the electric engine prototype that met all driving
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