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State and Federal Marijuana Legalization University of Ashford Soc. 331 Instructor Risa Garelick April 22, 2014 State and Federal Marijuana Legalization This paper will focus on the State and Federal marijuana legalization from three scenarios and analyze the retributive, commutative, and distributive justice of these three scenarios complex situations. First scenario will be a “recreational pot smoker, who lives in a state that recently legalized growing, possessing, selling, and distributing, through state-regulated dispensaries, limited amounts of marijuana for medical use”(Ashford University online school website,2013). Second scenario “a parent living in the same state, concerned that her 12-year-old will be…show more content…
In place are laws of binding contracts to protect ones such as the 12 year old. Distributive justice in this scenario even though the goods (marijuana) is made available parents need to talk to his or her children about “do not use drugs, these conversations about drugs are even more important to have now, says Dr. Leslie Walker” (Parasher. 2012). The third scenario, the “Chief of Police of the city where these people live, who has urged the City Council to enact new local zoning and other regulation that will make it virtually impossible for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in the city uses the retributive justice cause the Chief of Police is trying to keep it where that when people have done wrong that he or she will suffer the consequences” (Ashford University online school website, 2013). However, on the state side of the city that has passed the legalization of pot, it is legal but the Chief wants to uphold the federal side to what is still illegal. Commutative justice in this scenario that even though the state has a fair exchange with a contract the Chief wants to uphold the federal laws of the contract too that states it is illegal. With two binding contracts the Chief is in a win-lose spot. The Chief of Police can win in his favor from the federal side and lose on the state
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