Soc the Rise of Nurse Practitioners

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Select ONE (1) of the following issues which relates to the social organisation of health care: The rise of nurse practitioners Using a sociological perspective, write a paper which explains what health sociology can contribute to an understanding of your selected issue. The paper must use the following headings: Issue Description Provide a minimum 200-word detailed description of the health issue you have chosen. Theoretical Perspective Provide a minimum 500-word sociological analysis of the issue you have chosen. Use your textbook as well as other sociological sources (e.g., textbooks, journal articles) in this section. You will need to select one sociological theory which is relevant to your chosen issue, state the main…show more content…
(ANMC, 2006) The role of the nurse practitioner includes assessment and management of clients using nursing skills and includes performing roles such as ordering diagnostic tests, direct referralsof patients to other health care providers and providing medications. NPs first originated in the united states to try and help improve primary healthcare in underserviced communities across the country. Today NPs exist worldwide in primary and acute healthcare settings in both rural and urban locations. Nurse practitioners have been in Australia since early 1 990s which has been seen as a very significant professional step for nurses. The first initial focus on NPs was on rural and remote areas of practise. It soon became clear that the NP role was also appropriate for metropolitan areas. Whilst the role of a NP may seem beneficial to the health system, is it really covering up the work we are taking away from our doctors and are we putting too much emphasis and reliance in our nurse practitioners? THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE A theory is merely an explanation of how and why. Nurse Practitioners are impacted on by a feminism theory. Feminism is a broad social and intellectual movement base on a belief in equality of the sexes. It addresses many issues the most relevant to this topic is the sexual division of labour in health care. The theory details how the

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