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SOC101 REFECTION PAPER DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC & SOCIAL SCIENCES BRAC UNIVERSITY Submitted to: Meheri Tamanna Senior Lecturer BRAC University Submitted by: Group members: ID: 1. Arnisha Khandakar - 2. Ferdousi Rahman - 15201004 3. Tanzia Ahmed - 4. Jdgh 5. Dghd ‘Made in Bangladesh’ is an episode from the CBC TV series, ‘The Fifth Estate’ that attempts to investigate the tragic Rana Plaza accident. The crew led by Mark Kelley and ex-designer for Walmart, Sujit Sennik discovers a ledger pulled from the rubble that they use to piece together clues of how the supply chain for Canadian retailers work. From the information available, they figured out that the fast fashion industry was well-aware that they…show more content…
In the race to the bottom, as Mark promptly points out, when price is a priority, workers’ safety is not. However, due to wide unemployment and lack of alternatives in Bangladesh, the workers are ready to work for wages that are next-to-nothing. These workers or proletariats, according to Karl Marx, who have nothing to offer but their labor, are boldly exploited by the bourgeoisie, the owners, to accumulate profits for themselves, disregarding the poor condition of the workers. It also agrees with the conflict view that offshoring leads to further global inequality and the case in question clearly provides an empirical evidence for the argument. Barry however deserves appraisal because unlike his competitor giants, he cares about his workers, paying them three times the minimum wage and checking up on them every few months. In the document,when the CEO of Joe Fresh, Joe Mimran was interviewed about their responsibility in the Rana Plaza tragedy, he mentions how they can be a force of good for development of countries such as Bangladesh through their globalization scheme and shows little concern for the workers that died in the tragedy. He is also well-aware of the less stringent environmental standards in Bangladesh and how toxic pollutants from the factories are dumped into rivers – but again, he shows little concern for that. Although it is true that the garment industry has

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