Soccer And Youth Sports

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The parents of today need to get the kids involved in youth sports quick before the epidemic of obesity and poor health takes over children completely. A good way to help solve this epidemic is to get children involved in youth soccer. Youth soccer improves general health in ways such as increasing stamina, lowering body weight, and increasing overall muscle development. Soccer is a sport involving a lot of teamwork and communication, kids talking on the field will transition off the field and will make it easier for children to make new friends. Childhood Obesity is a major issue in the United States today, Soccer involves a lot of running and quick direction change making it a good option for children trying to lose weight. The parents of today should get more of the youth involved in youth soccer because it improves cardiovascular health, helps build social skills, and will lower the childhood obesity rates. There are many parts of the body that benefit from children playing soccer, one being the cardiovascular system. Soccer is great for fitness and Cardiovascular health (“Soccer Benefits”). Research has shown that playing soccer will prevent cardiovascular disease (“Promoting Good Cardiovascular Health”). From personal experience I know that soccer is very physically demanding and it gets the body’s blood pumping. Soccer will get the heart beating quickly from running full sprints down the wings to running short bursts across the center of the field. Recent
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