Soccer Is More Suitable For Freshman Athletes

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Many years before American football was played, in England, a sport called association football or in America soccer was created to be played in the public schools of England. American football began as an evolution of soccer and rugby mixed together. In modern society American football and soccer are two of the most popular sports for high school boys around the nation. It’s always a difficult choice to decide which sport is more suitable for freshmen athletes. Every fall, high school students who want to play a sport must make a challenging decision between the rigorous cardio of soccer or the arduous physical strength required for football. The scoring system for football and soccer are dissimilar because of the various ways to gain points in both sports. In soccer, there is one of the simplest scoring systems. The process of scoring in soccer begins with typically an offensive player of the attacking team kicking the soccer ball into the opposing team’s soccer goal. Each time the ball goes into the goal is one point. This makes soccer a very easy game to follow especially for athletes just joining the sport. On the other hand, football has a very complex scoring system. This begins with the kickoff where the team that wins the coin toss has to choose to kick the football off to the other team or to receive the ball. Then the team that catches the ball has to run to the opposite end zone to score a touchdown which is worth six points, in addition, kick a field goal to

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