Soccer Is The Greatest Sport Essay

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There are many sports in the world today, and each involves different skills in order to play. This brings a controversial question then: which sport is the greatest? Soccer is the greatest sport due to the fact that soccer is also an easy sport to learn. Almost every child played soccer when they were little. There are no true height requirements in order to play soccer. You do not have to be the tallest player out there to be the best. One of the most rewarding things about soccer is that it is a team sport, which requires players to work together. One of the main concerns for parents when their kids play a sport is how much will the sport cost? Soccer is one of the cheapest sports. Unlike many other sports, soccer is one of the only sports where the clock doesn’t stop. Therefore, soccer is the greatest sport. One of the interviewees, Garrett (age 20), said, “I do not think that soccer is the greatest sport. It gets overshadowed by other sports, for example, baseball and football.” In this paper, I will explain why soccer is the greatest sport.
First of all, soccer is the greatest sport because it is a very easy sport to learn. If children are taught the rules at a young age, then anyone can understand them. In my personal experience, the rules for soccer were easy to learn because there were not too many to learn. I had to work very hard to develop the skills for soccer. I was a referee for little kids and almost all of them understood the rules that went
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