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Sports Studies: Soccer
Profesor: Sean Steele
Hal Emas
April 24 2013
Final Paper
The Calciopoli

Corruption and money go hand in hand. Money is a motivating factor for corruption, and the transfer of money or other special benefits often finances corruption.
It is a sad fact of life, but you don’t have to look very hard to find some form of corruption in virtually any area of life, wherever it is in sports, politics or business.
Almost on a daily basis can you read about a new case of corruption involving some illegal cash advance.
Unfortunately, football is not immune to the ill effects of corruption. Football has always reflected the society it represents, in both its good and bad, and this is the one reason fans are drawn to
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It was terrible to think that the officials of the game were also the responsables for a certain final score for a game.
At the end they had to pay, an Italian court ordered that the referees involved in the 2006 match-fixing scandal to pay $5.25 million in damages to the Italian Football Federation.
And also one of the referee selector during the seasons of the scandal, Paolo Bergamo, received the heaviest fine of $1.31 million dollars, while his colleague, another referee selector, Pierlugui Pairetto had to paid $1.05 million dollars.
Also the former Italian soccer federation vice president Innocenzo Mazzini was fined $918,000 dollars, and former referees Massimo de Santis and Tullio Lanese were each fined $656,000 dollars, nine other were fined smaller accounts.
Calciopoli scandal is likely the best example of the interaction between ordinary justice and sports justice and the strong differences existing among them. A major issue concerning these two different types of law concern their timetables. The sport judicial trial was far quicker that the normal one. The first decision arrived at the 14th July 2006, while the last decision was taken on the 24th of November 2006. Such velocity could impact the depth of these trials. However, great and most urgent needs of getting a sentence, required by UEFA, forced the sport

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