Soccer Personal Statement

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We are now living in a world where video games have become a major aspect of some people's lives. It has impacted many in a negative way and positive way. Most of these games provide us with a theme or lessons we can take away from playing. I’m not a big gamer, but being a soccer player, I have fallen in love with FIFA. I’ve always finished my homework quickly or decided not to do it at all, so I could play FIFA. I was never able to imagine a video game could have such an impact in my character and life. FIFA has done just that and has overall helped my time-management, as well as my patience. Growing up, I’ve always played soccer with my family and friends. Soccer is and will always be my favorite sport and a huge part of my life. As a kid, video games were becoming very popular and all my friends wanted or had one. I would consider myself a casual gamer because I wouldn’t play for competition, but to have fun with my friends. Being introduced to my first soccer game FIFA 10 was a…show more content…
And shortly I started to realize how a video game like FIFA was able to influence me outside the gaming world to improve or impact the way I live my everyday life. The older I’ve gotten, the less I have played FIFA. I still have love for playing, that hasn’t changed, I just haven’t been able to play as much. Playing Fifa became more than just playing a video game, but a learning experience, which I can use outside of FIFA. Before playing video games, I would think video games were just for fun or to waste time. Now I’ve realized every video game out there has a meaning, even though I may not understand all the meanings or story behind it I know that they aren’t just video games. I was able to conclude FIFA has had a real meaning and learning experiences for me these past years and without this game I might have not been able to learn all these
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