Soccer Pest Analysis

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Maguire and Pearton(2000) define soccer as an achievement sport. This involves its production on a global scale, its consumption by a global audience, and the utilization of talent identification and development.Thus, Football academies have come up all around the globe to identify talent in the sport. There are various reasons organizations, coaches and sports scientists look to critically analyze the process of talent identification in football, as it helps them to predict or identify characteristics of successful athletes. It also helps coaches and clubs to plan and facilitate the proper development of youth elite football players
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This led to the increase in player wage ,transfer fees and vast migrations of elite football players. Thus it became essential for clubs and coaches to find the most cost efficient way of acquiring elite athletes, while "retaining the services of their most talented players on a long-term basis and balancing flow of new players so that stability in performance of the team was not adversely affected" (A. M. Williams, 2000). The most cost effective way of identifying talent for clubs became their youth academies, where they were able to identify and effectively develop emerging youth elite athlete and early identification became important, as early identification of future talent or elite performers would give any club or organization a competitive edge over their competition (Morris, 2000). Talent identification and peak performance are suggested to be interdependent areas of studies. It is suggested talent can only be identified if the youth elite athlete is performing at their current peak ,as it makes it easier for them to be identified by coaches and clubs, although coaches and clubs analyze the peak performance of a youth athletes, intuitively .It is also suggested that the talent identification process is
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