Soccer is a Terrific Extra-curricular Activity

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They are widely regarded as important, if not more important than academics. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, extra-curricular activities do not need to be sports in particular but can either be community service, or an "academic" club like chess. Soccer is one of the best extra-curricular activities. Soccer can help you get a good job, gain admission into a better college, or network.

First, networking (or "socializing") is an extremely important activity that many people do unconsciously over the course of their lives. The act of networking allows people to discover new opportunities that may have been unavailable to them if not for "that one person." For example, if Mick had not known Keith from college they would not have founded The Rolling Stones. Networking also allows people to make friends and expose themselves to the plethora of cultures and customs from around the world. For example, when I played soccer at the Stouffville soccer club. I was able to meet different people from Italy, Saudi Arabia, France, and Mexico amongst others. Furthermore, networking can also help one find a job or get into a college. For example to get into a college people are usually required to have letters of recommendation. A well-networked person will inevitably have a larger selection of strong recommendations to choose from due to his or her large number of contacts.

Secondly, participating…
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