Essay on Soccer is an Unappriciated Sport in North America

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Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is backed by a long history that's incomparable to other popular sports in the world like basketball, volleyball, and tennis. In fact, two of North America?s favourite sports in American football and rugby were created based on the game we call 'soccer'. So why is it that the original game of football is not as nearly as famous as in North American than any other countries outside our continent? A real good reason for this is because soccer doesn't have a great tradition in North America, unlike other sports such as American football, hockey, or basketball. Also, the cultural difference makes soccer less rampant in North America because many of us can?t seem to be patient enough to watch…show more content…
Unlike soccer, much of our past generations grew up as spectators and competitors of these sports, hence making us more involved with these sports than soccer. What?s most important is that North Americans, especially from the United States, can instantly recall many historical moments in a franchise?s or sport?s history, because such great emphasis on the sports existed in the past. I can?t personally remember the Pittsburgh Steelers? dynasty Super Bowl run during the 70?s, but because I?ve heard so much of the victories and viewed many clips through the media, I can easily name the starting line-up of players from the 4 Super Bowl victories. On the contrary, many people cannot even name a single star from the Toronto Football Club because they never even pay attention to the team, let alone the sport that lacks tradition and fame in Canada. Without a successful background, or a phenomenal turnaround that provides excitement to the fans, we will always stay true to our past, and ignore the game of soccer.

North Americans also find soccer lacklustre because of how the fundamental rules of the game. Many other countries in Europe and Asia define soccer as a true gentlemen?s game, but we see the game as a near three hour contest with little to no action whatsoever. North Americans view soccer as just a big game of keep away because nobody scores but one or twice during the entire match. Unlike many other cultures, we

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