Social Acceptance And Its Impact On Adolescence

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Social acceptance could be defined as the fact that most people, in order to fit in with others, attempt to look and act like them. Or sometimes it is the ability to accept or to tolerate differences and diversity in other people or groups of people. (Wikipedia) It is human nature to want to fit in, to be accepted by our peers. In early adolescence children start to develop the feeling of belonging. Adolescence is a transition period of late childhood and adulthood, they are beginning the maturing process, and their sexuality, physical development and finding where they fit in can be quite a challenge. Social acceptance, and the relationship with peers, family and society become complexed. Social acceptance in teens can have a positive impact and even negative impact on adolescence. Where we come from and the morals that are taught can determine which peer group one is accepted. Fitting in and meeting the right people is an important part of growing up it is an important part of life, and social interaction is the foundation of society. Everyone wants and needs to be accepted, nobody wants to be rejected. Social acceptance can be difficult because we are all trying to fit in somewhere, and the way society is today it can be very difficult to see where it is you fit in. Have you ever been rejected from other peers and wonder why that is? Or why the kid down the street may tease another child on the same block but not the one next door? Or have you wondered
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