Social Acceptance Today

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In today’s society, social acceptance is an unconscious want that everyone strives to gain. Unfortunately, not all individuals are able to experience social acceptance. There have been numerous studies conducted in the past that have indicated a correlation between social acceptance and the ability to detect emotions. The individuals who are usually rejected in social situations are better than others at recognizing facial expressions; specifically, real and fake smiles (Pickett, Gardner, & Knowles, 2004). Individuals who are often excluded know how it feels and therefore, are sensitive to the feelings of others. These examples show that a person’s social acceptance can influence their ability to detect emotions. The current study will look at whether social acceptance has an influence on the ability to distinguish a real smile from a fake one. Social acceptance can be defined in many ways. Various age groups view this type of acceptance differently. College students, who are perceived as being socially acceptable, usually have a large circle of friends. On the other hand, those who are not seen as socially acceptable usually keep to themselves. These assumptions are stereotypes, but still play a major role in the ability to detect the emotions of others. The socially accepted individuals often only care about themselves, whereas those who feel rejected tend to care more about the emotions of others. Also, those who are afraid of being rejected display increased
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