Social Action And Community Media

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Social Action and Community Media Assignment Mae Fincham The meaning of social action is addressing issues within society in order to spark awareness and result in change. Their main objective is to evoke an emotion to the public. Community Media is any form of media that is created and controlled by a community. The most popular form of community media is through radio as it is listened to by various groups within different communities and allows people to reach out and connect with the world 's poorest communities. Documentaries are used as a purpose of showcasing social action and community media. Purpose The first example of this is the documentary ‘Supersize Me’. The documentary is based on fast food restaurants, specifically McDonald’s and how it has caused an epidemic of obesity in society. The director, Morgan Spurlock said “We knew we had something that captured people’s interest. We knew we had an idea that was media-worthy. And once that happened, our social action plan took off.”The documentary raises awareness of the issues with the responsibility of firms to their consumers. It also questions societal impacts of the food industry and the unintended consequences of marketing practice. The documentary uses bias as it argues how fast food restaurants including McDonald’s have a negative impact on society. The overall representation of the documentary is perceived in a negative light. The documentary begins with footage of obese
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