Social Activities

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activities Social Activities Introduction: ← Social activities are defined as the recreational programs for the human resources .It is also defined as an activity considered appropriate on social occasions. Social activity has long been recognized as an essential component of healthy aging. Some of the Types of social Activity: □ Environmental Activities □ Educational Activities □ Blood Donation □ Disaster Aid □ Support Program □ Distribution of study materials to poor students □ Help to poor patients Social welfare activities are of many types .The most important and necessary need for our society is Environmental activities, Educational activities and…show more content…
Types of trees that can be planted: The type of tree planted may have great influence on the environmental outcomes. Planting the wrong kind of trees, such as monocultures of eucalyptuswhere they are not native species, can devastate the lands of the local people.[citation needed] However, it is often much more profitable to outside interests to plant non-native fast-growing trees, such as eucalyptus or pine (e.g., Pinus radiata or Pinus caribaea), even though the environmental and biodiversity benefits of such monoculture plantations are not comparable to native forest, and such offset projects are frequently objects of controversy (see below). To promote the growth of native ecosystems, many environmentalists advocate only indigenous trees be planted. A practical solution is to plant tough, fast-growing native tree species which begin rebuilding the land. Planting non-invasive trees that assist in the natural return of indigenous species is called "assisted natural regeneration." There are many such species that can be planted, of which about 12 are in widespread use, such as Leucaena leucocephala.[34] [edit]See also ← Reducing the uses of Plastics: How Plastics Harmful to the Environment: Plastic bags are used by everybody. You get them right from a vegetable vendor to a designer store. They are convenient and easy-to-use. But, most of us are blissfully of the repercussions that are occurring and will take place in the future.
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