Social Advertising

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Social Advertising
Social media exists in the context of communities that are built of people who develop and nurture relationships by creating, co-creating, sharing, commenting, and engaging in content (Tuten, 2008). Advertising on such social platform is what accounts to social advertisement.
Most of these communities are made up by our sponsors, believers, assistants, coaches, cheerleaders, and friends. Advertising has always been a means of mass communication with a great persuasive force. Thus with the current up rise in social networking in the current world, many advertisers are now turning their heads towards social media and networking. There are various social benefits from advertising that are explained as follows (Kaptan,
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Twitter has avoided the social advertising for a long time but it all changed in 2010 with twitter launching Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts (Melton, 2014). This was again updated in 2013 to better target advertisements to communities. But Twitter’s tactics have resulted poorly mostly because they are less conspicuous and use a very small field length on their home page.
YouTube is another major platform where advertisements are designed to suit the target communities, especially with the style and language. These heavily reflect the audience’s style and taste. The advertisements in YouTube are also synchronized with the content of the video to present the most relevant commercials (Kinsey, Jason, 2011). This allows the publishers to make profits through YouTube Partner Program.
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