Social Agent Impact On The Classroom

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Kristin Frught Critical Paper 1 Metropolitan State University of Denver 9/28/15 “How might the idea of child as a social agent impact how we approach socialization in the classroom?” Changes have taken place in the approach to both childhood and children’s roles with socialization, where children are now seen as having the right to be listened to and to participate in by influencing their own situations, especially in the classroom environment. The child is more often viewed as being active in its own socialization process and is no longer seen as separate from society, but as an active agent, who affect its own development. This critical paper will outline how social development through the idea as children as a social agent, helps build positive self-esteem, and builds relationships with peers and adults in and out of the classroom environment. Elementary school in many ways can help shape the ways young children think, it may affect their level of self-esteem, and how they view relationships based on their own peer experiences. Elementary school is also another place where children interact with other students and adults and learn what social norms and behavior looks like. Social development builds our self-esteem by developing a positive and healthy image of ourselves through peer interactions and daily experiences, whether in elementary, middle and high school or in any other aspect of our lives. It is important to look at how social

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