Social Analysis Of Charles Dickens ' A Tale Of The Cities '

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This essay will use Charles Dickens work to analyze social factors that are eminent due to the social barriers that the society has put. In his work, A Tale of the Cities, he clearly demonstrates the plights that were inflicted on the poor peasants in the society. These depict the social setup where poor people are treated as second citizens by the society. Most often the society puts the poor in a low social class and uses them as the slaves for the mighty. Dualism is a common feature in the current society, by that is traced back to the early seventeenth century as explained in the Charles Dickens’s books. Despite the social set up, Dickens held on his belief that there is a way out of the social oppression of the less fortunate in the society. This essay will look into the different options presented by Dickens to end this social vice in the society then and in the current societies. According to him, the avenues that needed to be used include revolution, resurrection, and social justice among others. These options presented by Dickens in his books were to help the socially oppressed people in the society bail themselves out of the position they had been forced into by social ties. Though Dickens uses symbolic and religious language in his advocacy for the enlightenment of the oppressed members of the society, his point of the argument is effectively reached to his intended audience. Dickens personally was born to a peasant member of the society who was later imprisoned

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