Social And Behavioral Sciences : Death Dying And Grieving

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Short Project Paper Social and Behavioral Sciences: Death dying and Grieving I wrote a report on a person that lost his spouse. This paper relates to a person that has experienced a major tragedy in his life. His spouse of 31 years has died. I spoke with Don Joseph, a 59-year-old male who had experienced the death and grievance of his spouse, love of his life, mother to his children and lifetime friend. In Accordance with the periods of development from page 13 of the textbook, these events were occurring during the periods of Middle adulthood when the person magnifies his or her personal and social involvements and responsibilities (Santrock, 2016). Additional method used by interviewee was the Social Cognitive theory of observational learning, modeling, learning by watching others (Bandura, 2016) Grievance over the death of Parents and Facing the Death of a Partner This is Mr. Josephs’ story. He informed me that he has experienced the death of both parents and spouse. He has been a caregiver for all three. He believes those traits were inherited from the love and kindness shown by his mother. His spouse and father died within 2 months of each other. In 1990 he became the primary caregiver of his father and in 2006 after his spouse illness worsened. He states that, being a caregiver was extremely challenging. Especially during 2013 while taking care of my father and spouse. 2001, Mr. Josephs’ wife was diagnosed with a life altering disease, Lupus. She

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