Social And Cultural Change Prompted

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Social and Cultural Change Prompted by Technology
Textile, steam, and metallurgy based innovations amounted to a legacy in Britain and a precedent for future industrial revolutions for other countries. As urbanization became a phenomenon in Britain, people migrated to the city centers in an effort to find employment and waged labor. New technological advancements, during Britain’s Industrial Revolution, prompted change in society and culture. The increased demand for British goods resulted in merchants needed more cost-effective methods of production, which led to the rise of mechanization and the factory system. The separation of social classes and labor was one major effect of the inventions. Also, women and children were the new solution for long, hard hours and lower pay. Cultural changes were a direct result of this increase in technological developments, reshaping familial relations and daily life, while leaving an agriculturally based culture.
The most important change in society and societal views, that resulted from new technology in everyday life, was a larger separation in classes and wages. As technology emerged, a new class system followed. Before the industrial revolution, the average lifespan was higher, the economy was stimulated by agriculture, and, above all, there was little division in social class and labor. With small scale productions, the agricultural sector was self sufficient. However, as more people flocked to the cities in search of employment in
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