Social And Cultural Geography Research

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Choose two journal articles* and consider what these articles tell us about: a) the socially constructed, spatially contingent and performative aspects of social identities and b) the practice of 'doing ' social and cultural geography research. Social and cultural geography is an area of study that has become increasingly popular within Geography. With the expansion of multi-cultural societies and the increased diversification of cultures in addition to cultural practice, globally research into social and cultural geographies has boomed. These two diverse fields have risen in popularity among geographers and academics; meaning there is a significant amount of research and academic papers on this broad area of study. The fact is since the evolution of post-structuralist ideas in the mid 20th century, in addition to postcolonial, and feminist study around the 1990s. A shift from an emphasis on identity to difference in geographical literature has become apparent. Geographers have since engaged more frequently with gender, sexuality, ‘race’, and class differences, by investigating how they are constituted in relation to peoples and places. This has brought about vast levels of research casing all social identities. However for the purpose of this essay, I will be focusing on the social identities of Gender and Race as both social and cultural attitudes in these areas have transformed immensely in the last century. As previously mentioned there is a vast amount of
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