Social And Cultural Norms Within The Society

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In today’s society, people have accepted the fact that social and cultural norms play a huge role in one’s day to day life. Yet, people tend to neglect how these values are instigated within a person. Cultural and gender norms go hand in hand to a great extent and collectively set a person’s role in the society. Several cultures treasure their age old traditions, yet pay little attention to people’s basic right of freedom to decide their future roles. Culture plays a very essential part in accentuating gender norms as its importance is enforced upon a child since his very first day of life, and it serves as a base in structuring one’s personality. The society uses media as a tool to further intensify the impact of gender norms on men and women. But media doesn’t simply refer to internet or the television. In the past, the most prominent means of mass communication was through writing. Many writers communicated their ideas and opinions through short stories or novels. Flannery O’Connor, a Southern writer was an important voice in American literature, and in her short story “Good Country People” which was published in 1955, O’Connor conveys the horrors of the patriarchal views of the society. the story was about Joy/Hulga Hopewell, a thirty-two year old paralyzed daughter of Mrs. Hopewell, a farm owner in the South, who lives with her tenants, the Freemans, who provide her with assistance. Joy is a well educated and mature young woman, who is portrayed as being rebellious,
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