Social And Economic Disparities Are Plaguing The City Of Baltimore Essay

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Social and economic disparities are plaguing the city of Baltimore. There are numerous issues that the city of Baltimore is facing, many of which did not come to light until the case of Freddie Gray. On April 2015, a 25-year-old black man by the name of Freddie Gray fell victim to police brutality. After the discovery of his death and the unreasonable way he was treated, Baltimoreans began to protest. The anger and frustration began to escalate due to other social and economic problems the city faces regularly.

Christian Parenti, an American investigative journalist stated in 1997 “ police violence is soaring”, during the “Zero tolerance” era. In 1994, Bill Clinton created the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement act. This act aimed enabled police officers to use the “ stop and frisk method”. This act provided funding for local police officers and drug courts. As a result, many Blacks and Latino’s were charged with minor offenses. This law has been said to be the cause of high incarceration rates in many cities all over America. Another example of police brutality in Baltimore would be the McGee case of 1980. A detective that was off-duty proceeded to shoot and injure a 17-year-old black youth. Police Brutality has been seen in other cities across America. Such cases as the Trayvon Martin and Fidel Castro case have brought to light this prevalent issue.

Red lining is a significant part of the history of Baltimore. The New Deals Public Works Administration created
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