Social And Economical Concepts Of Sole Parent Families Essay

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Australian society face solidarity and Division: Sole Parent Families are living on the edge of poverty, with predictions of a 65% increase of sole parent families by 2036, Why are so many Australian sole parent families living so close to or below the calculated poverty line?

This essay will firstly provide current and reliable statistics with a brief overview of the identified key social and economical concepts of sole parent families based on ‘Poverty and Exclusion in Modern Australia and (Sociology & Regionalism), Secondly I will engage with other perspectives and the stereotypical views this family group are faced with in today’s modern society, Therefore to present the measures of risk and hardship sole parents and their children face, lastly this essay will explore the sociological theory and research findings from academic sources that will also support my perspectives, that is that Sole parent families are living on the edge of poverty and it is these families that are most at risk of being affected by inequality and disadvantage. Sole parents are being judged and society is creating division, as a nation I argue that we are facing many social issues as a result based on economical growth and minimal recognition. Research suggests that Australian families particularly sole parents are experiencing family breakdown concerns, financial hardship and many challenges in the attempt to care for their children and support their families. With economic growth, will the
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