Social And Emotional Aspects Of Shannon 's Life Essay

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Social/ Emotional Aspects Some significant events that have happened in Shannon’s life and have affected her in a social or emotional way are listed in the following text. First is something simple and not a specific event but growing up Shannon played basketball and she was able to use the sport as an outlet to clear her mind. Whenever she was mad, sad, or anxious shooting hoops or playing with her team was always something that could calm her down. Next was an event that happened when she was a sophomore in high school and that was the passing of her grandpa Sherman. This loss was especially hard for Shannon because she was very close to her Grandpa Sherman; he was someone she loved going golfing and hanging out with. Due to her grandpa having Parkinson’s they had somewhat known it was coming but it still came as a shock when it actually happened. This was Shannon’s first real loss she had experienced so with that came a lot of emotions that she had not felt before. Lastly, when Shannon started college she had decided to focus on her health because she was not happy with where she was at in regards to her dieting and exercise. Through a period of time, as well as something she continues to do today, she started eating healthier and became a runner which led her to lose 40 pounds! This was a significant event in Shannon’s life because she took her health into her own hands and made herself a happier and healthier person for her own personal sake. Some events in Shannon’s
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