Social And Emotional Learning On School Climate

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Social and emotional learning is a process through which children and adults learn to recognize and manage emotions, demonstrate care and concern for others, develop positive relationships, make good decisions, and behave ethnically, respectfully, and responsibly. Scientific research has shown that SEL could have a positive impact on school climate as well as promote a host of academic, social, and emotional benefits for students. First of all, students who participated in SEL have better academic performance: they achieved scores with an average of 11-17% higher than students who did not receive any SEL instructions. Second, they also had improved attitudes and behaviors, as they appeared to be more greatly motivated to learn, more deeply committed and devoted to schoolwork, and behaved better in the classroom. Last but not least, SEL students had fewer negative conduct problems, such as decreased disruptive class behavior, noncompliance, and delinquent acts; meanwhile, they had reduced emotional distress, as there were fewer reports of depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal.
Because social and emotional skills are so essential and critical to being a good student, it is not only worthwhile but also necessary for you to put multiyear and integrated efforts to develop your students’ social and emotional skills. You can achieve this through effective classroom instructions, students’ engagement in positive activities in and outside of the classroom, and holistic parent…
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