Social And Emotional Learning Theory

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Social and Emotional Learning Theory Paper by Student: Student e-mail: Student ID # PhD in Education Specialization: Educational Technology Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for EDUC 8113: Learner Across the Lifespan Walden University October 12, 2014 SEL Standard The state of Kansas is one of only three states to enact comprehensive social and emotional learning standards with developmental benchmarks in K-12 education, (Dusenbury, Weissberg, Goren and Domitrovich, 2014), and it has also tied those standards to college readiness. The Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) lists The Kansas social, emotional, and character development model standards aligned to Kansas college and career readiness standards (2012). Among these standards is the ability to “Identify multiple techniques to manage stress and maintain confidence” (KSDE, 2012). In order for stress management and confidence strategies to be taught, the students, teacher, and education system as a whole, must make it a priority instead of assuming that students will develop the skills on their own. Framework Managing stress and maintaining confidence lie under the category of soft skills, which are often glossed over or ignored. They can be difficult to teach because these skills require a student to regulate their emotions. Strategies can be taught to aid a student, but much of regulating emotions is an internal process (Gullone, Hughes,
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