Social And Emotional Mental Health

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Introduction The targeted demographic for this evocative production encompasses individuals who have previously or are currently suffering from depression. As a result, the aims of this artwork fabrication are to represent the ideological concepts that having depression is not a task which can be overcome as a single individual. Correspondingly, this creates a link between the sociological concepts of stigmatization and institutionalisation whilst encompassing mental health. Congruently, the visual representation is designed to capture the lived experience of individuals which have gone through the dark, chained and cloudy corrosion of their minds, labelled depression. More specifically, the artwork is a representation of the lived experience which illustrates the struggle to overcome ones self doubt and disillusionment of their current mental well-being. Additionally, the posters acknowledge that overcoming such an impactful and emotional mental state cannot be achieved alone. Evocative production The objective of this evocative production is to demonstrate that mental health can be reiterated with the polluted environments being caused by modern day society. One of the poems which was used stated, ‘Green becomes Black. Tress now Tarmac.’ reinforces that what was once happy and thriving is now dark and gloomy with no hope of alteration, unless there is a ‘source of light’ to initiate change. The medium used for this evocative production is utilizes two separated
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