Social And Ethical Standards For The Tobacco Companies

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The tobacco companies have a high expectation to adhere to set out by the stakeholders; customers or consumers, employees, managers, directors, and shareholders etc, to go beyond just the traditional ways of only making products to profit. In the stakeholders’ eyes, paying taxes and job creation are the sole contribution to the society. They express their concerns to address social and ethical standards for the tobacco companies. Philanthropy social responsibility is very much needed to protect the society and its environment. Moreover, corporate social responsibility is one of the necessary key elements in a company’s business plan. For example, stakeholders look at the companies who adopt the policies for environmental protection and fair labour relations with employees and the community. (1)
This report examines the economic, social and environmental issues and responsibilities related to Tobacco and its industry. It lies out the general discussion on how tobacco is introduced to the market, where and how the tobacco plants are cultivated, and what kinds of other issues may arise while growing the plants. Moreover, it continues on the analysis of a significant issue while growing plants, such as poor labour practice; working conditions in the work place, or fair number of hours for the farm workers. It helps develop the understanding on how to deal with this significant issue, and how to add value through corporate social responsibility. In conclusion, there are some…
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