Social And Moral Value Of Animal Welfare

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The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men” (Leonardo Da Vinci)

There is a commonly held belief that animal welfare is defined by humanities intention to retain the ideal and social and moral value of being compassionate toward other non-human beings. Yet many believe that with the global continuation of animal testing in research humanity is failing in this endeavour. During my primary research I found numerous people perceived a negative connotation in the words ‘animal welfare’. This is evident in the questionnaire undertaken by a large variety of people of different genders, ages and nationalities. One such example comes from a 36-49 year old, Australian male who defined the term as “A largely meaningless idea that enables people to inflict as much harm onto non-humans that they deem necessary to derive benefit yet enables the same humans to purport consideration for non-human interests” and another; 18-25, Canadian female proposes that “animal welfare is a myth constructed by those who still want to benefit from animal experimentation, but do it with a ‘clean conscience’”. The leads into the question of how these world-views arose, was it due to the continuation of undisclosed animal tests and the subsequent ambiguous statements and symbols created by those willing to deceive consumers?
Tom Reagan, an activist and philosophy professor speaks of animals as having “…a basic moral right to respectful
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