Social And Natural Resource Issues

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For this week’s forum, I hold the view of a normative pluralistic which relates the environmental and natural resource issue of irreversible changes caused by negative consequences for a healthy planet. Normative pluralism is considered not to be as radical as the belief of a fundamentalist pluralist. Formally, a normative pluralist assumes that there is a plurality of bearers of value (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2011). The irreversible changes caused by negative consequences for a healthy planet can be associated will the failure to widely produce agreements globally to tackle environmental and natural resource issues. In the article, Global Green Pluralism, pluralistic values discussed that support my argument are comprised of the division of labor amongst governments and nongovernmental actors to govern the environment.
Some of the values that play a key role in the overall support the creation of an effective environmental and/or natural resource policy to preserve the environment consist of actors/governance components, agenda setting, networks, negotiation, compliance, implementation, and resilience. A brief detailed description of each value is listed below.
• Actors and governance components include public, private, and a civil society that engage in the authority of regulating factors that impact the environment based on their relationships. In various ways they are able to fulfill a host of governance over activities across their components. These
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