Social And Physical Developments : The Developmental Rules Of Child Development

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Children’s development, growth and learning is a continous process from birth through to adulthood. There are three fundamental rules of human development that apply to everyone from birth. 1. Development starts form the head and works down the body. 2. It happens in the same order, but can occur at different rates. 3. All areas of development are linked together. Although children develop differently, the stages of development they go through are generally the same. It means that they need to develop one skill - for example crawling before they can move on to develop another- such as walking. The sequence of children’s development for each age can be divided the following way : -…show more content…
Developing some skills later than other kids within the same age range does not mean that there is delay in development. The most important thing is whether a child has reached it by the milestone age. Physical development · Newborn – 7 years Newborns have got a little control of their body. At the beginning movements are based on reflexes - uncontrolled, random movements or actions. Growing older, they start to develop more controlled movements and actions called the gross motor skills such raising head and chest of the ground, rolling over, crawling, grabbing objects and sitting. In their second year of life they should be more mobile and motorically skilled. Usually they should be able to walk (balance developes) and run. Huge progress in coordination ( turning the pages of a book, feeding themselves using a spoon, grabbing small objects). In their third year of life usually children start to develop fine motor skills. Eye- hand co-ordination should be well developed. At this stage average child can use a pen or a crayon using thumb and two first fingers to grip it. They are more confident using a spoon or a paint brush. Between age 3- 7 children’s physical abilities are well developed. They have more control over their fine motor skills and are more confident when using them. Some of them will be able to jump off a low stair, pedal on a tricycle, build a brick tower. Writing becomes easier and

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