Social And Political Philosophy Exam

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Alex Ristaino Social and Political Philosophy Exam #2 Hobbes: “Mmm that organic wine and tofu was delicious, got me a little intoxicated though, but hey lets talk some philosophy, mainly about that social contract theory. You know, that agreement among the members of a society to cooperate for social benefits by sacrificing some individual freedom for state protection.” Rousseau: “Oh no” Hobbes: “What you haven 't heard of it?” Locke: “No, we know about it, you just get a little hostile when you drink.” Hobbes: “Its not my fault that all the people who make up the state are corrupt. But you could imagine living in a state of nature?” Locke: “In my opinion, if people were living in a society where there was no government, society would be intolerable to live in. People could do whatever they wanted. Although there would be no government, this doesn’t mean the state would be free of morality.” Hobbes: “I agree with what you on one thing and that is that people could do whatever they want. However in this very hypothetical state, I think people would be living in constant fear.” Locke: “I think this state is a reality. “It is often asked as a a mighty objection, where are, or ever were, there any men in such a state of nature? To which it may suffice as an answer present, that since all princes and rulers of “independent” governments all through the world are in a state of nature, it is plain the world never was, nor never will be without numbers of men in that state”
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