Social And Spiritual Weal And Quality Of Life During Old Age Essay

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Good health is one of the main ingredients ensuring a person 's physical, psychological, social and spiritual weal and quality of life during old age. Good Health is a precious’s gift of God and it is also an important for the human being to combat the challenges of the society. In the world there are many countries which are starving for the adequate provision of basic health care services for the old age persons these countries are mainly third world countries the status of health of the older people are very poor as compared to the people living in the developed countries because due to the difference in the health care system. There are so many insatative taken by the international community for the betterment of health of the old aged people among these steps the Madrid international action plan 2002 was the main mile stone for the development of geriatric people in the world. The Madrid international plan of action offers a solid agenda that how to handle the issue of ageing in 21 century in the world the plan emphasises on the three important areas: older persons and development, Advancing health and well-being into old age and ensuring enabling and supportive environments. The population of old aged persons (over 60 years of age) will be double in the world in 2025 and it is estimated that 15% of world population will be old aged in 2025. In 2002 the proportion of old aged persons lived in Asia and Pacific was 52% and it will be 59% in 2025(Second World Assembly

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