Social Anxiety And Alcohol Abuse

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Social Anxiety And Alcohol
Vy Vivian Le
Berkeley City College

Social anxiety is often misunderstood as a behavioral choice, and therefore those who suffer from this disease are often portrayed negatively. Research indicates that about 15 million people, equally men and women, begin suffering from social anxiety around age 13 (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the difficulties of socially anxious individuals who suppress their emotions by drinking alcohol in order to adapt to their environment. Social anxiety is the fear of interaction with other people that brings on self-consciousness, feelings of being negatively judged and evaluated, and, as a result, leads to avoidance (Social Anxiety Institute, 2013).
This study used a mixed methods approach, in which qualitative and quantitative research were combined. The targeted population was college students at Berkeley City College, between the ages of 18-30. One hundred students were randomly picked and asked if they suffered from social anxiety. They were asked to complete a survey from which consisted of 10 questions for quantitative research; two participants agreed to an in depth interview for qualitative research.

Introduction Past researchers have found a strong correlation between social anxiety and heavy drinking. Those with excessive social anxiety, tend to be vulnerable to the abuse of alcohol (Burke and Stephens,
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