Social Anxiety And Emotional Intelligence Among Adults

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Social Anxiety in Relation to Emotional Intelligence among adults
Several decades ago, researchers revealed new academic terms that is useful in studying human behavior. Emotional intelligence and social anxiety concepts were developed from social contexts in relation to psychology. The two concepts can be studied consecutively with a correlation created between them. Emotional intelligence can be defined as the capability to manage and identify individual emotions and those of other people (Bhochhibhoya & Branscum, 2015). On the other hand, Social anxiety is defined as the fear of interacting with people that creates a feeling of self-consciousness or being negatively judged (Blackhart, Williamson, & Nelson, 2015). In other words, it can
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High social anxiety among adults is linked to poor self-control or emotional intelligence especially during interactions. Although the relationship between social anxiety and emotional intelligence has been so far tested by few researchers, all of them have agreed on the correlation. Therefore, the current study seeks clarify the correlation between social anxiety and emotional intelligence among adults. Self-control is very important among adults in the society but not everyone has its possession. It can be termed as poor or good depending on the degree of self-control. Social anxiety and emotional intelligence can be tested in a conversation where the individuals engage each other in a natural environment (Blackhart, Williamson, & Nelson, 2015). It is important for adults to have self-control while engaging in social interactions.
Emotions are considered one of the most important sources of information as well as facilitate the processing of information among adults. Many psychologies researchers have agreed on most roles of emotions in their interpretations guided by intelligence in a social conversation. Furthermore, they agree that emotions influence the thought system of an individual and that of other people as well as guide their actions. In addition to that, social anxiety is a basic element of human behavior since it involves the failures and successes related to emotional intelligence. The use of emotions cannot be avoided especially in
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