Social Anxiety And Interpersonal Connectedness

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Since the rise of technology in the 21st century , and technology has participated significantly in most aspects of our lives . Technology helped make our lives much easier it managed to connect the whole world together. This connection is what lead to the rise and development we live in today. At first the communication portals were really limited to only landlines so people had to depend mainly on face to face communication ,until the release of the blackberry messenger in 2010 since then communication had become mainly through instant messaging or as well known as online chatting. Online chatting comes in many forms. You can have one on one chatting via instant messaging such as whatsapp. In addition , You can also have group discussions
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Hypotheses predicted that individuals with high social anxiety would demonstrate greater interpersonal connectedness following instant messaging conversations; whereas, individuals with low social anxiety would report greater interpersonal connectedness following face-to-face and phone conversations. Undergraduate participants (N = 165) were randomly assigned to one of three conversation mediums (face-to-face, phone or instant messaging) during which they engaged in an interaction with an unfamiliar partner. Participants completed a measure of social anxiety before the interaction and measures of interpersonal connectedness prior to and following the interaction. Results revealed that level of social anxiety is a significant contingent condition for the association between type of conversation medium and attitude homophily (i.e., a measure of interpersonal connectedness). For individuals with low social anxiety, scores on the attitude homophily measure were significantly lower in the instant messaging condition, compared to the face-to-face and phone
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