Social Anxiety And Its Effects On The Mental Health Of Individuals With This Disorder

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Social Anxiety Treatment
Kaitlyn Willis
Caledonia-Mumford High School

Abstract Social anxiety is an excessive fear of being humiliated by others. This fear can make a major impact on an individual’s life. Research has shown that the combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication is one of the best treatments for improving the mental health of individuals with this disorder. Several studies have looked at the benefits of combining cognitive-behavioral therapy with medication. These experiments found that this pairing of these treatments is the most effective way to cope with social anxiety disorder. Utilizing these treatments is crucial to helping individuals cope with their disorder.

Introduction Social anxiety disorder, otherwise known as social phobia, is characterized as the excessive fear of social situations. Social situations can include anything from group conversations, talking to a person of authority or giving presentations (Kase, 2010). It is normal for the average person to feel mildly anxious in these types of situations, however, when this anxiety causes extreme distress it is known as a social phobia (missing Citation). Individuals that suffer from social phobia often express having a chronic fear of being watched. They frequently report experiencing a fear that someone is judging them, and they often think about the potential of doing something that could embarrass them. A lot of the time, these people struggle…
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